Do we need to hire a designer?
No – we will do the designs, we have been doing this for over 30 years with great success.
We want to deal with a company who does the entire project – we don’t want to have to be looking for or be responsible for different trades persons to do this or that, do you offer this?
Yes we do the entire project with our own professionals from start to completion.
We have heard of numerous nightmare stories, start dates not being kept – project schedules not being kept and always delays – having too many projects on the go and not being on ours every day until completed – we are spending a lot of money and very
          concerned wanting to choose the right company.
We fully appreciate your concern and have heard of these nightmare stories our selves – we pride ourselves on being on time and keeping our schedules – when the contract is signed an actual START DATE is written on it, you can count on us being there on that day along with being there every business day afterwards until the project is completed. We don’t jump from job to job like other companies. We will actually be in contact with you well in advance of the actual start date ensuring you are ready for us. We have endless years of references to confirm what we are saying, refer to our references.
What work does your company actually do?
  • Complete interior remodels which include removal of structural and non structural walls of residential or condos.
  • Kitchens of any design style and material – any door style and colour
  • Cabinetry of all sorts including wall units – book cases – desks – walk-in closets – libraries – vanities – bars – mantles – walls
  • Bathrooms
  • Anything to do with stone – slab work – counters – backsplashes – fireplace mantles – walls
  • Flooring of all types – hardwood – marble – granite – tile – carpet
  • Painting
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Along with any permits or inspections needed.
Do you sell appliances?
No, there are numerous appliance companies who will assist you • Tasco Appliances • Best Brand Appliances • Caplans Appliances • Appliance Canada to name a few. When talking with them ensure you discuss installation also.
Do you have an actual show room?
Yes we have a gorgeous showroom – CONTACT US