The Experience and Knowledge that we provide

Second generation; owner David Levy has over 30 Years of personal hands-on experience, first-hand Architect background experience – dating back to the 70’s to present doing complete involved interior projects which included re-designs of residential homes including kitchens and bathrooms all over the G.T.A. and surrounding areas, every project being different providing it’s own challenges. The years of exposure gained has provided the owner hands-on knowledge which is utilized in current projects providing you the home owner with piece of mind knowing your project is in good hands and will be completed properly.

“Not just a sales person or kitchen designer like other companies offer”

We do the entire project which includes;

• Complete designs • Entire home renovations • Kitchens • Bathrooms • Moving – removing of walls
• Cabinetry • Counters • Electrical • Plumbing • Flooring of all types
Any permits along with inspections and more…

Typical comments we hear from our clients during the project process;

Now that we are experiencing first hand our project being done and what’s involved we really understand how important it is to have the experience along with your hands on approach being there every day, every step of the way throughout the entire process is a must. At first talking to numerous companies prior it appeared to be a relatively forward simple process “we just hire a company who says they can do our project so we thought but there’s allot more to it than that” Companies have told us; we have a designer who looks after that – we have a project manager who takes care of that – my brother in-law or cousin does that – we will send someone in to do that, our kitchens are manufacture here and there.

We quickly realized why there are so many home owners out there having issues.

Once everything was demoed and all was gone, seeing the exposed electrical wires, plumbing pipes became a bit overwhelming. You quickly relieved us of any concerns with your hands on approach, being there with your team of workers and going over every item to be completed in detail along with completing these items. For example; just seeing you work with your electrician, verifying locations of switches & receptacles along with pot light positions, going over appliances to be used etc. – your vast knowledge along with seeing you working hands on with all of your workers is very inspiring and shows that you really do what you say and really do care. We now get it!

“We now know what would have happened if we had hired any of those other companies”

We now realize there is a process for items to be done in a specific sequence and if not done appropriately there will be delays and issues, so many details and items needing attention and to be done one has to be there as you have been with your team of workers every step of the way, we greatly appreciate.

“We now understand why there are so many horror stories out there and seen on those tv shows, those companies we were speaking with just don’t offer the complete one stop package that you do.”

Precision’s designs are inspiring, the workmanship is top quality and we listen and work with our clients turning their dreams into a reality.

Please have a look at some of our work we have done; we are sure you will be saying WOW! when viewing the Before and Afters. You may desire a different design, style or colour, no need to worry we have you covered. We can offer any design style along with the finishes are endless.


Our cabinets are manufactured locally – it’s important


Why is this important? It’s VERY important to have control, what happens if something gets damaged along the way, possible over site or upon demolition a change is needed, a cabinet needs to be remade or modified, a door replaced, a specific pce matched in finish.

We pride ourselves of this not being an issue; it’s taken care of immediately if need be that same day – it’s a priority!

Ask any of the companies you are inquiring with and you will quickly realize the difference, if their cabinets aren’t locally manufactured well you already know what can happen, even if they are local ensure you find out what their policy is, your project could still be delayed and leave you waiting, frustrated and in the end a mess.

Typical comments we hear from our clients;

Your cabinets are seamless, the fit and finish is absolutely gorgeous – your installers are artists ensuring everything fits properly. The attention to detail, quality and workmanship has surpassed our expectations, thank you!

Cabinet arrival and installation

When our cabinets arrive at your home David Levy the owner is there over seeing along with going over the actual installation with our installers who are paid HOURLY. Our workers are meticulous in their installation, scribing to ensure everything fits properly and taking care of your home.

Most kitchen companies this does not happen, the owner isn’t there. When it comes to installation they either pay sub-contractors to install the cabinets or the workers are paid by piece work. When being paid piece work the quicker they get the cabinets installed the more money they make – I’m sure you can already realize what happens.

We have you covered

Licensed workers – 5 Million Insurance coverage – All workers are fully WSIB covered while working in your home.

Project start date

We provide an actual START DATE written on the contract which we pride ourselves on by keeping, you can count on us being there every business day until your project is completed.

Actual work

When we start a project we don’t jump from job to job, your project is our priority and we understand that. We are very efficient getting your project completed in a timely manner, offering top quality product and services.

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